null VUB regularly registered student: how to have my Bruface registration completed?

Bruface students having VUB as home institution are automatically registered at ULB as Guest. 

You will be informed your registration at ULB is processed when receiving on your personal email account a message entitled: "Création de votre compte ULB". Here is what to do next:

  1. open the above-mentioned email and read the instructions;
  2. keep your newly communicated ULB Identifier, known as ULBID, in mind;
  3. click on the "New password/Nouveau mot de passe" button;
  4. set up your ULB credentials via QuIdAM.

You can now log in the ULB learning platform Université virtuelle using your ULB credentials:

  • Identifier/login: ULBID
  • Password: ULBID related password (chosen via QuIdAM)

Please note: no ULB student card is issued

09 Dec 2020 - 22:40:26

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