null Quelles sont les conditions d'usage du service d'impression des posters?

Printing agreement

Note: l'application webplot est développée avec une interface utilisateur en anglais. Les documents associés sont eux aussi en anglais, leur traduction est en cours.

The ULB Informatics Department is providing a printing service exclusively to the ULB and VUB community. The printing prices and services are very affordable compared to external/commercial solutions. Those advantageous conditions are possible thanks to the funding, by ULB, of the staff and the infrastructure required for providing such a service. The printing cost at the ULB Informatics Department is calculated to cover mainly the furniture (paper rolls and ink) used for the service.
Using this printing service requires therefore your compliance and agreement to the following conditions and terms of use:


The documents to be printed at the ULB Informatics Department must be related to one of the following activities:

  • Scientific communication for ULB/VUB researchers such as posters for conferences.
  • Exposition material for ULB/VUB such as illustrations for museum or didactical/pedagogic activities.
  • Events organised by ULB/VUB such as meetings, conferences, workshops, debates, exposition.

Documents not accepted for printing at the ULB Informatics Department are: 

  • Announcement/advertisement of political character unrelated to the ULB/VUB community life.
  • Offensive material or forbidden by law such as xenophobic, pornographic or discriminative images and text.
  • Requests for personal use or for third parties financially supported, or not, unrelated to the ULB/VUB events or activities.

Terms of use


Provided that the submitted documents comply with the Printing agreement cited above, the staff running the service will do all the efforts to provide the highest printing quality as possible. To guarantee the best printing quality, we expect from the user:

  • To prepare, as best as possible, the right document layout, size and format before sending it for printing.
  • To use the WebPlot web interface as primary mode of document submission. For special cases requiring to bring the documents on a media (CD-ROM, USB key) at the ULB Informatics Department, it is mandatory to contact the staff first to fix an appointment.
  • To accept the printed document as is. In case of problem (incorrect layout or size), the user will have to submit a new print request with its additional charges.
  • To come and pick up the document once received the email announcing its availability. There is no point to come at on site earlier since the waiting time can largely vary depending on the queue filling state.
  • To sufficiently anticipate the document preparation before a deadline. The usual urgent requests are often difficult to insert between other requests and are generally at the inconvenience of the other users. In any case, warning the staff will be mandatory before coming on site for those urgent requests.
  • To make sure that enough credits are available on the account used for printing. No cash or "credit" is accepted at the ULB Informatics Department.

The ULB Informatics Department and the staff running the printing service are entitled: 

  • To return the printed document as is, without any sort of guarantee such as document layout or color matching, as long as the requested print dimensions are respected.
  • To refuse to print a document if the format or layout is incompatible with the requested print dimensions or if the user comes on site with the document on a media (CDROM/USB key) without having contacted the staff in advance.
  • To refuse to print a document if it not compliant with the Printing agreement cited above.
  • To refuse to print a document if no sufficient credits are available on the given university account.


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