null I obtained a higher degree abroad and I want to register at the ULB. Do I need an academic recognition?

If you wish to enrol in the agrégation – upper secondary education teacher training degree – (AESS), you will have to contact the Service of academic and professional recognition for foreign degrees (higher education) to apply for an academic recognition. Your application must be introduced before July 15th of the previous academic year.

For the masters, the ULB is competent in the recognition of a foreign title or foreign degrees in order to be able to study in higher education. You can therefore contact the ULB directly to request your admission to the studies that interest you. The ULB will compare your previous studies with those you wish to pursue and decide on your eligibility.

As far as doctorates are concerned, the ULB is competent to issue an academic recognition, so you should not contact the Service of academic and professional recognition of foreign degrees.

03 Mar 2023 - 10:50:26

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