My IT request has been categorized as a project or micro-project. What does this mean?

IT requests not covered by the ULB IT service offer are categorized as either projects or micro-projects.

👉 estimated workload < 25 days/man (M/D)
👉 low to medium level of complexity
👉 current expertise required

👉 estimated workload > 25 days/man (M/D)
👉 high level of complexity
👉 rare expertise required 

This categorisation implies: 

  • the registration of the project/micro-project request by the IT Project Management Office (PMO) to the Institutional IT Project Portfolio. Following this registration, the PMO communicates by email the project identifier (project_id) which formalizes the project request;
  • presentation of the project request to the IT Project Framing Committee by the future Project Leader or by the Sponsor;
  • the registration by the future Project Leader or by the Sponsor of the Project Mandate which allows to confirm (or not) the categorization proposed by the IT Demand Mgmt Committee;
  • regarding the projects:
    • the designation of a Sponsor;
    • the constitution of a Project Charter;
    • the designation of a Steering Committee;
    • the prioritization by the project governance bodies;
    • regular reporting to the project governance bodies through the PMO;
  • regarding the micro-projects:
    • the drafting of the specifications which will allow to define more precisely the workload, the required expertise, the budget, the planning & the risks; 
    • Prioritization by the entity in charge of the implementation (e.g. IT Department, Faculty...);
  • In both cases:
    • the establishment of a project team with clearly defined responsibilities;
    • the production of technical documentation (code, architecture plan) and, if necessary, functional documentation (BPMN, ULB Support FAQs)
    • the organization of the hand-over before the closing of the (micro)project


It is important to differentiate between the notion of a project/micro-project request and the notion of a project/micro-project.

A project/micro-project request only becomes a project/micro-project once the Project Management Office (PMO) has given the green light. The PMO's task is to ensure that there are no conflicts in terms of team capacity planning or that these conflicts are resolved through prioritization.



23 Aug 2023 - 13:03:34

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