What are the scope and mission of the IT Project Management Office (PMO)?

The digital@ulb Plan adopted in 2019 provides an implementation for "a complete governance of IT, not only "centrally" but with the "decentral", including the creation of a Project Management Office dedicated to IT."

The mission of the Project Management Office is composed of two major components :

  1. Guide and support project teams on the field :
    • Provision of document templates ;
    • Monitoring & coaching ;
    • Visibility of the challenges encountered (resources, planning...) ;
    • Facilitation and feedback of unresolved problems
    • Access to a Project Management tool ;
    • Organization of project management training ( Internally + outsourcing) ;
  2. Provide decision-making and governance tools to decision-making authorities :
    • Reporting on the health status of ongoing projects :
      • Scope ;
      • Governance ; 
      • Quality ; 
      • Planning ;
      • Budget ;
      • Risks;
    • Advice on the prioritization of projects in demand.
    • Coordination with departmental PMOs.

In short, the PMO is responsible for :

  • Collecting IT requests emanating from the general administration, faculties and other decentralised entities and submit them to the IT Demand Management Committee for review ; 
  • Indexing and centralizing the ULB's IT projects within the Institutional IT Project Portfolio ; 
  • Managing the prioritization process ;
  • Following the progress of the various on-going projects ;
  • Ensuring their incorporation into the institution's IT architecture ;
  • Ensuring consistency with the institutional strategy ;
  • Ensuring a collaborative connection with the various ULB instances (faculties, poles, departments of the General Administration, etc.).
29 Aug 2023 - 13:45:19

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