How to connect to ULB Global Protect VPN on Linux?

Note: It is possible to connect to the ULB VPN under Windows and MacOS

Install for a graphical user environment (illustrated for Ubuntu 20.04)

  1.  Install « network-manager-openconnect » package
    (or « network-manager-openconnect-gnome » which also install the former one)
    Ex : in a terminal type 
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install network-manager-openconnect-gnome
  2. In « Settings -->Network», add a VPN connection (by clicking « + »)

  1. Then select "Multi-protocol VPN client (openconnect)"

  1. Choose as protocol « Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect » 
    and indicate « » as gateway

  1. You can then connect and disconnect as normal user via the same menu as for WiFi or wired connexions.


Install in command line interface (i.e for servers)

  1. Installation
    The installation will be different depending on the distribution you are using.
    • Enter the following commands in a terminal:
      Debian (as root)/Ubuntu (via sudo) and variants
         (sudo) apt-get update
         (sudo) apt-get install openconnect
      If your distribution is old and openconnect < version 8 you will first need to add the repository below
         (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lopin/openconnect-globalprotect
    • OpenSuse and variants
         zypper ar network
         zypper in network:openconnect
  2. Usage
    Enter the following command in a terminal:
       openconnect --protocol=gp
    As long as the terminal remains open and you don't quit the command the VPN will remain active. 
10 May 2023 - 11:32:37

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