null How do I log in to the Université Virtuelle (UV)?


1) Go to the Virtual University login page

2) Enter your login: 

    a. ULB members with ULBID i.e.

  • member of the ULB community - student, academic, scientific, administrative staff
  • student registered 'administratively' coming from an institution other than ULB but taking one or more courses at ULB (e.g. inter-university program),
  • specific student :
    • member CEPULB,
    • registered in the jury of the French Community,
    • registered in isolated courses,
    • registered for the accession competition.
    >>>> only one way to log in to the UV: use your ULBID (formerly NetID) and linked password (same as to connect to schedule or Ecursus - no email address)

New students: while waiting for the admission file to be finalized, try the anonymous connection

Since December 10, 2020,
               -  NetID is called ULBID
               -  QuIdAM replaces PAM for your ULB password management.

ULBID is composed of

  • either a sequence of 8 letters, e.g.: pdupont (in this case it corresponds to the old ULB identifier, the NetID)
  • or a sequence of 4 letters and 4 numbers, e.g.: pdup1234 (new users)

Problem with ULBID ? Contact support ULB


   b. Other users with UV account,

  • username is usually the email
  • password can be reset on this page






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