null 3What is a course load reduction?

By an individual and legitimate reason, the jury may allow a student to reduce his course load and enrol in courses totalling fewer than 60 credits.

This course load reduction is granted only if the student provides documentation proving a legitimate professional, academic (double registration or additional enrolments only), social or medical need.

Les étudiants ayant obtenu le statut d’étudiant à besoins spécifiques (EBS)  bénéficient de droit à un tel allègement. 

Students that obtained the status "students with special needs" (EBS: étudiants à besoin spécifiques) benefit automatically from this reduced programme.

The student can ask for it

- when it enrols and until the 31/10 at the latest

- during the academic year because of grave medical or grave social need or because he obtained the EBS status

For more information, go to the page “Manage my enrolment”, section, “Reduce your course load”.

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