What do I do when my QuIdAM credentials expire?

Why did I receive an expiry notification email?

For security reasons, QuIdAM authorisations (access rights) expire regularly in order to remove digital accesses that are no longer needed. You will receive an email to inform you of the upcoming expiry.

What is a QuIdAM accreditation?

QuIdAM authorisations entitle you to use digital services at ULB by giving rights to your computer account (ULBID).

Access to ULB digital resources is automatic based on your relationship with the university. If certain accesses are useful to you and you have not received them automatically, it is possible to manually assign you QuIdAM authorizations

Do I need to intervene?

If the roles indicated in the notification are still useful to you, you should request their renewal as soon as possible in order to avoid any service interruption affecting your work at ULB.

If they are no longer needed, then you don't have to do anything. You can always ask for them later on.

How do I apply for an extension for my QuIdAM credentials?

Renewal or extension of your authorisations must be done following the same procedure used to obtain them.

You can also refer to the table below for a non-exhaustive list of existing procedures:

ULB credentials:

How do I request access to ULB digital resources for myself or for an internal member? 

How to access ULB digital resources as an External Member? 

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