VUB regularly registered student: how to have my Bruface registration completed? (U)

You have registered at ULB. In order to have your Bruface registration complete, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Fill in the VUB Guest application form;
  2. when receiving a VUB registration confirmation by email (this can take several days), please open the PAM welcome page
  3. select correct language (bottom, English);
  4. click on Don't have a NetID yet? (should you already have one, please click here);
  5. follow the activation process;
  6. under My accounts, make sure VUB AD & Microsoft 365 is marked as Active (if not, please contact;
  7. under My email addresses, make sure a address appears. Your NetID and your Microsoft 365 email address are now activated.

Please note: a VUB student card is issued

05 Apr 2023 - 16:13:38

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