null How do I access the ULB_Guest wi-fi?

The ULB_Guest Wi-Fi service provide internet access to external visitors, allowing them to authenticate using Facebook, Microsoft or via an email validation process.

The services offer internet only. It means that you don’t get an access to the university’s internal network resources. If you want to reach them, you need to activate your VPN.

Access to the ULB_Guest wi-fi is provided without support - calls to the 3737 or regarding the ULB_Guest wi-fi will be handled as low priority incidents.

How to connect

Select the network SSID named ULB_Guest.

Once connected, your device may automatically display a browser to the authentication page. If it’s not the case, open your favorite web browser and try to reach a web resource (,, …) you should be automatically redirected to the authentication portal.

Select the authentication method of your choice:

  • Firstname, lastname, email
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft

Email validation process

Click on the REGISTER (Enregistment) button, then fil the following formular with correct information: 


A mail containing a validation code is sent to the provided email address. Open your mailbox via a register the validation code.

The difficulty with this method is that you need a way the check your mailbox. Because you are not yet authenticated to ULB_Guest, the service will not allow you to do that.

Facebook authentication

Select the Facebook button and provide your Facebook credentials


Microsoft authentication

Select the Microsoft button and provide your private Microsoft credentials:,, etc.


Technical information for support.

Network security zone of guest users: Guest (G)

Ip range:

Access to internal network: no. Need to activate the VPN except for resources exposed to the internet like the web portal.

Access to internet: allowed with the same outgoing policies applied for the whole network. Suspect traffic and illegal applications are blocked. Threat inspection is enabled.

Management of computers in the Guest security zone is allowed via remote desktop and SCCM. So a user with a managed PABU or Mobile·IT computer and difficulties to reach the eduroam network can connect tu ULB_Guest and have its computer controlled by the support team.

Maximum session time: 8 hours.

Bandwidth and latency restriction: no, except if case of general overload, Guests flows are subject to be limited first.

06 Jun 2022 - 15:51:58

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