null Suis-je encore finançable ?

To be financeable, you must fulfil at least one of the following academic conditions:

  1. You do not exceed two enrolments in the same study cycle over the 5 previous academic years. 
  2. You do not exceed 2 enrolments in the same bachelor curriculum and 3 enrolments in the first cycle (i.e. to bachelor studies) over the 5 previous academic years. 
  3. You have acquired at least 75% of the credits of the previous annual programme in the same study cycle. 
  4. Over the 3 previous academic years, you have acquired at least half of the credits contained in these student’s annual programmes without taking into account the first enrolment in this study cycle if it is unfavourable. It is imperative that this number of credits acquired be equal to or greater than 45 credits (except for reduce programme).
  5. You want to change the curriculum, i.e. enrol in a bachelor's or master's degree leading to a different academic degree and you did  not already changed from curriculum(reorientation) during the last 5 academic years. 
02 Sep 2020 - 09:57:00

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