null Quelles sont les mesures de sécurité à prendre pour mon mot de passe?

  • Set up the softwares, browser included, so that they don't remember the chosen passwords.
  • Never ask someone else to create a password for themself.
  • Use different passwords to log into different accounts, the personal email account and the professionnal one for example.
  • Change their passwords with a regular frequency of once a year.
  • Choose a password that isn't link to their identity (password comprising a society name, a birthday date, etc.).
  • Change systematically and imediatelly the default passwords.
  • Do not stock passwords in a folder that is on an exposed machine, or on the internet. Do not stock passowrds on a sheet of paper either.
  • Do not send their own password on their personnal email adress.
  • Do not send passwords by email.
Those security measures are only the minimal recommandations.
08 Nov 2022 - 11:44:30

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