null I have two @ULB email addresses. Which is the official?

You are newly registered* at ULB and have a '' email address ? It is now replaced by a '' email address -without the "ac". This new address becomes your ULB official address and is accessible via Office 365.

To log in, enter your username in the format '' and the password you defined in Office 365 or received by private email for your first login.

All ULB communications are sent to your official address ''. It is therefore recommended to check it regularly.

Why two @ULB email addresses?

ULB has opted for a new mail system and is currently in a transition phase between it and the old one. Some time is needed before all procedures are adapted. During this transition phase, any message wrongly sent to your old '' address will be automatically redirected to your official address ''.


Note: the "My personal data" tab of the MonULB portal will still temporarily display the old '' address.


[* The definitive messaging '' is only given to students who are actually registered, that is to say having paid at least part of their registration fees.]

11 Jun 2020 - 09:59:36

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