I am an Erasme Hospital’s member WITHOUT ULB mandate. How do I manage my ULB’s password?

2 possible scenarios:

A. You had an ULBID (formerly NetID) before 11.25.2021

Your data has been transferred to the new ULB identity management system (QuIdAM) and you were invited by email on November 25th to choose a new ULB password. If you have followed the procedure correctly, you now have a valid ULB account. From now on, to access the electronic resources of ULB and / or My DI-fusion, use your ULBID (formerly NetID) and your new ULB password.

Have you forgotten your new ULB password or have not yet chosen it? Follow the new procedure for resetting the ULB (QuIdAM) password. Please do not use the old password management system, PAM at all

B. You did not have an ULBID (formerly NetID) before 25.11.2021

You do not have an ULB mandate and were not known to our systems on 25.11.2021.
We invite you to complete the Erasmus account creation procedure

28 Jul 2023 - 13:57:54

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