null I am a foreigner of non-European nationality in Belgium with a study visa, can the student social service help me in the event of financial difficulty?

As a student who come to Belgium with a study visa you had to declare a guarantor who signed a commitment to support or you declared with sufficient resources to come to study in Belgium, therefore you can't claim to financial assistance. 

However, if you are a national of a developing country or the least developed countries included on this list, and if you are obliged to work to meet your needs, the student social service can granting an allocation blocus. 

The blocus allowance, paid in January, June and in the event of a second session in August, guarantees you an income so that you can reduce or suspend your working time in order to prepare for your exams. 

To claim this allowance you must submit a request for financial assistance and be able to prove your income with salary slips received in the months preceding the blocus. 

26 Jul 2022 - 11:03:15

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