null How to connect to ULB VPN on Windows?

Note: It's possible to connect to ULB VPN on Linux and MacOS
  1. Go on from the ULB network or other;
  2. Identify yourself using your ULBID and password;


  3. Download and install the version of VPN suited to your operating system;

  4. Install the VPN from the downloaded file. Select the "Next" button;

  5. Click on "Next";

  6. Click once more on "Next";

  7. Select "Close". The installation is now complete;

  8. Now click on the GlobalProtect icon that appears at the bottom right of the taskbar;

  9. In the window that opens, insert as "portal address";

  10. In the next window, indicate you ULBID and your password;


  11. Select the "register" button to start the connection process;

  12. The connection to the ULB has been established successfully;

  13. If the authentification procedure fails, follow the QuIdAM procedure and connect to it;
  14. Reset password;
  15. Reconnect to the VPN after the specified time (+/- 1 hour in general).


Note: You must be a member of ULB staff to be able to use this VPN connection and therefore be in possession of an ULBID.
15 Dec 2020 - 12:59:19

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