null How to activate my NetID? (Staff)

  1. Log on the request for the activation page of the Personal Account Manager (PAM);
  2. Fill in the fields to give information identity as follow:
    Institution: ULB
    Category: Staff member
    Enrollment number: DRH identifier
    PIN-code/ Numéro de lecteur: Leave empty
    Date of birth: Date of birth with the format DD MM YYYY
  3. Choose a password using the rules for a creation of a password;
  4. Choose a personal question and write down the corresponding answer. This will bie used in case they forget their password. Please memorise the precise spelling of the answer (upper and lower caps, punctuation, etc).
    Because of security measures, the answer will not be displayed in the recap at the end of the activation procedure. It should be memorised.
  5. Read and accept the conditions and rules of use of the IT infrastructure:
    Use of the web
    Politique d'utilisation acceptable de Belnet (Belnet's policy of correct use)
  6. The recap of the account activation appears, in which are presented the NetID and the email adress @ULB.
22 Jun 2020 - 09:34:58

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