null How do I log in to the Université Virtuelle (UV)?


1) Go to the Virtual University login page

2) Login: 

    a. For

  • the members of the ULB community - students, academics, administrative staff
  • VUB students
  • students registered 'administratively':
    • coming from an institution other than ULB but taking one or more courses at ULB (e.g. inter-university program),
    • CEPULB,
    • registered in the jury of the French Community,
    • enrolled in isolated courses,
    • registered for the accession competition,

    >>>> only one way to log in to the UV: use your ULBID (formerly NetID)

              Since December 10, 2020,
               -  NetID is called ULBID
               -  QuIdAM replaces PAM for your ULB password management.

your username = your ULBID , no email address

It is composed of

  • either a sequence of 8 letters, e.g.: pdupont (in this case it corresponds to the old ULB identifier, the NetID)
  • or a sequence of 4 letters and 4 numbers, e.g.: pdup1234 (new users)

If you have not already done so, activate your ULB identifiers (QuIdAM procedure) and directly access ULB applications.

New students: while waiting for the admission file to be finalized, try the anonymous connection


   b. For other users, it is up to the course holder or the administrative manager of the program to send the request to UV Support, ideally via the form below or to





16 Dec 2020 - 10:02:46

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