null How do I create a strong password?

A strong password is a password that is difficult to retrieve, even using automated tools. Its characteristics are:

  • The length > 8 characters is a minimum, the longer a password the more difficult is it to decode;
  • The number of different characters used > digits, lower case, upper case, special characters; its ease of being retained.

The sequence of words:

  • Must be illogical (except maybe for you);
  • Must not be taken from an existing work (song);
  • Must be meaningful to you and only you or depend on a mnemonic of your own.

Tip for creating a remembering and strong password: using acronyms

  • Phonetics method: use the sounds of each syllable to make a sentence to remember. For example, "J'aime les Audi A4" will create the password "GmodiA/4". Consider the mixing upper and lower case letters;
  • First letter method: for example "James Bond is coming back to TV" will create the password "JB7_cbTV". Add capital letters every other letter, and replace a letter with a number.
A password is a confidential and non-transferable information. Your password should never be disclosed.
23 Feb 2021 - 17:49:01

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