How do I create an ULB user account (ItsMe)?

NOTE: the system allows only one ULB account per person. Any additional accounts will be deleted automatically.
You already have an ULBID but cannot access your ULB account? >>> Reset your password

In order to create an account at ULB you can use several methods:
•    Manual creation
•    Creation with eID (idendity card)
•    Creation with ISTME
•    Creation with Erasme
•    Creation with Google

To create an account with EID, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the page Sign up - MonULB;
  2. Click on ITSME;
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and click on send;
  4. Authenticate yourself on your mobile phone;
  5. Check your information, complete it if necessary, confirm reading information on the use of personal data and click on Continue;
  6. Confirm that you do not have a ULB account;
  7. Read confirmation message;
  8. Open the ULB email entitled "Activate your ULB account", received on your personal address and click on Activation;
  9. A confirmation message is displayed, confirming the activation of your account;
  10. Open the ULB email entitled "Welcome to ULB", received on your personal address. This email contains your ULBID and your recovery email address;
17 Feb 2022 - 01:18:22

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